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"Social Security Benefit Programs

Available to Students Under 22"  Webinar

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Online Webinar consisting of four sessions

2016 Edition


Written and Presented by Michael Walling, M.Ed.


The "Social Security Benefit Programs for Students Under 22" Webinar was developed from the workshops I have conducted over

the past four years for parents, teachers, and human service professionals. 


This webinar addresses the most common questions, concerns, and issues parents face as they struggle to understand Social Security

programs.  The webinar also provides the core information needed by education and human service professionals, involved in providing

transition services, to support students and their families.  This webinar is appropriate for individuals with a disability, parents, and caregivers.



The Webinar Consists of Four Individual Sessions:


Session #401      The Basics of the Social Security Programs. 

Session #402      The SSI Program - Part I - Children Under 18.

Session #403      The SSI Program - Part II - Young Adults Under 22                                     

Session #404      Title II Benefits Available to a Child and Young Adult (RSDI, CDB, and SSDI)



Session Descriptions


Register for all five sessions at one time ( Session #400) and save $8.00 


Session #400 "Social Security Benefit Programs for Students Under 22"          $40.00

                        All-in-one registration for the "Social Security Benefit Programs for Students Under 22"  webinar at a reduced

registration fee. A complete set of sessions #401, #402, #403, and #404  (see session descriptions below).


Each session can be attended when you chose. Send request for access information one day prior to attending. You will

receive the URL for the session, the pass code, and the handout as an attached file.


Session #401   The Basics of the Social Security Programs                                  $12.00

                               58 minutes   

Session #401 starts from the beginning and provides the foundation to understanding the benefit programs available to

students under 22.

It explains:

     1) what Social Security means by "disability" (there are two definitions of disability);

     2) what is the difference between the two benefit programs Social Security administers;

     3) how Social Security determines which benefit an applicant may receive;

     4) why some beneficiaries receive more than one benefit;

     5) why some beneficiaries convert to another benefit program;

     6) the relationship between Social Security programs and Medicare and/or Medicaid


Session #402   The SSI Program - Part I - Children Under 18                                $12.00

                                 59 minutes

Session #402 focuses on a child’s eligibility for Supplemental Security Income (SSI) and Medicaid and the child’s continuing

eligibility for SSI.  It unlocks the mystery of how parent(s) income is allocated to a child (known as “deeming of income”)

and when deeming does not apply.


The session explains:

   1) the eligibility requirements for a child;

   2) requirements to continue eligibility for SSI through 18 years of age;

   3) deeming of parent(s) income to the eligible child (the process);

   4) how the amount deemed is calculated;

   5) the application of the Student Earned Income Exclusion to any student under 22; and

   6) the “Age 18 Re-determination” to qualify for SSI as an adult.


Session #403   The SSI Program - Part II - Young Adults Under 22                    $12.00

                                   74 minutes     

Session #403 describes how a young adult may be eligible for SSI, what is takes to initially qualify and then continue to

remain eligible for the benefit.  It explains why some young adults receive less than  the full amount of federal SSI

(currently $733) because of “In-kind Support and Maintenance” (ISM) and how this can resolved.   This session answers

the question "How much can I earn and keep my Medicaid?"


It explains:

    1) How Social Security determines the SSI payment amount;

    2) In-Kind Support and Maintenance;

    3) qualifications for Section 1619(b) status to protect Medicaid eligibility when the SSI monthly payment stops;

    4) the threshold level of income to maintain eligibility for SSI and Medicaid; and

    5) the Expedited Re-instatement period.


You must understand this process to avoid overpayments if a SSI recipient is planning to work or is working.


Session #404     Title II Benefits Available to a Child and a Young Adult         $12.00

                                   (RSDI, CDB, and SSDI)   

                                    81 minutes 

Session #404 focuses on the benefits programs available to students based on a parent’s work record or their own work record.


The session explains:

   1) Retirement, Disability and Survivors Insurance benefits (RSDI) available to children based an insured parent’s work record;

   2) “Child In Care” benefits available to a parent;

   3) Childhood Disability Benefit available to a disabled young adult based on the insured parent’s work record.;

   4) Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) available to a young adult who works and has FICA deducted from their salary.


Access to the Sessions:

The five sessions are available 7 days a week, at any time of the day.

When accessing a session, you will be provided: 1) the Internet address (URL) for the session; 2) a pass code; and

3) a handout, in PDF format, that accompanies the session (each handout is about 20 pages in length).



Two Options to Register:


Option 1.  Registration for the ENTIRE Webinar

                     Select Session 400 at the registration page.

                     Register for all five sessions at one time and receive a discounted registration fee for the entire webinar.

                     You or a member of your group must notify me one day before you are ready to view a session to obtain

                     the appropriate pass code for the date you will be viewing a session.  You can do different sessions on the

                     same day.

                     Only one device can access each session.


                     Special pricing is available for multiple "individual registrations"  (two or more registrations)

                     Each member of your group will have individual access to the sessions, each person can fit

                     the sessions into their personal schedule.

                     This cannot be done through the registration page.  Contact me for pricing and details.  [CLICK HERE]


Option 2.  Individual Registration for a Session

                     At the registration page, select a session, register, make payment by credit card, and immediately attend the session.

                     When your registration is accepted,  you will receive a link to a session handout (needs to be printed),

                     the session URL, and the pass code for the session.  



Following any session, you will have the opportunity to send questions to clarify your understanding of the material

presented.   All questions will be answered promptly.


Terms of Registration: 

1.   One viewing of a session is permitted.

2.   The registration fee is for one person or group viewing a session.  Only one device can access the session.

3.   Access information (the URL, Pass Code) to a session can not be shared. 

4.   All sessions and accompanying materials are protected  by copyright.

5.   Registration fees are non-refundable.  A registration can be transferred to another person.


To Register


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If you select Session #100 - the complete set of five sessions, you will complete the registration form and pay the registration fee. 

Within 24 hours, I will send instructions on how to access the five sessions.  You will not have immediate access to the sessions. 

You must notify me the day before you are ready to attend a session to obtain the appropriate URL and Pass Code for the date

you will viewing the session.   The Pass Codes change frequently.


If you choose to view an individual session, you will complete the registration form and pay the registration fee.    After payment

has been approved,  you will return to the Benefits Training and Consulting website and be provided the link to session handout,

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frequently.  If you register today and want to view the session next week, the access information will no longer be valid. (This

information will be provided upon request.)


 Payment by check or payment by credit card via phone call  (call 610-696-1551)


Click above to register.  Payment must be received prior to the first session you plan to attend. You will be notified when payment

is approved.  When you are ready, you must notify me the day before you are ready to attend the session to obtain the appropriate

URL and Pass Code for the date you will viewing the session.   The Pass Codes change frequently.


Multiple "individual registrations"  special  rates are available.  Send inquiry to click here.

Each registrant has individual access to the sessions on the their personal schedule.



 Technical Points


1.  Check your audio output is working properly prior to attending a session.  If you experience choppy or breaks

         in the audio, click the refresh button on your browser.  If problem persists, exit the session and then restart the session.

2.  (VERY IMPORTANT)    Be sure your “Flash Player” is up-to-date to inhibit pauses (buffering) in viewing the 

        presentation.  Flash players are easy to install at no cost.  Just Google – “Flash Player.”  If you have recently

        viewed video and had no problems, then you Flash Player is probably current.

3.   Your computer (or network) must accept cookies to access the presentations.

4.   You must logon with the email address use to register for the webinar sessions.  If someone else uses your email address, you

        will be denied access to the session.



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