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Sponsoring a workshop.

What is Sponsoring a Workshop?


    A sponsored workshop is a contracted training for an organization, agency, or group (the sponsor). The sponsor contracts with me to present a workshop for a fixed fee on a mutually agreed upon date, at a mutually agreed upon location.


    The sponsor is responsible for advertising of the workshop and handles all registration procedures.  I supply a master copy of the training materials for duplication by the sponsor.  It is not uncommon for an organization to sponsor a workshop and charge other organizations a registration fee to attend.  Thus, the sponsor usually recovers the cost to train their staff and customers.


Can the Workshop be Modified to Suit Our Particular Needs?


    Typically, a sponsor wants a basic workshop, but this can be altered if specific issues are identified, or the audience serves a particular population (i.e. school-to-work transition age, serious mental illness, traumatic head injury).


   For instance, last year several workshops were conducted for a state provider organization which were modified to provide a half-day on Social Security's programs and a half-day on state Medicaid programs available to individuals with disability and Medicare options.  This year, two workshops were split into two parts, consisting half-day sessions were conducted to allow families to attend in the afternoon or evening. The following week the second part of the workshop was conducted in the afternoon and evening format.




                                                                                                                                                                                                             Half Dome, Yosemite National Park, CA

The basic workshop covers:


            The Basic Structure of Benefit Programs



                        The process of SSI:  Eligibility to Termination

            SSI Work Incentives

                        Student Earned Income Exclusion

                        Impairment-Related Work Expenses

                        Plan for Achieving Self-Support

                        Blind Work Expenses

            1619(b) Eligibility  (Medicaid))

            Expedited Reinstatement of Benefits




                        The process of SSDI: Eligibility to Termination

            SSDI Work Incentives


                        Impairment-Related Work Expenses


            Extended Medicare Eligibility

            Expedited Reinstatement of Benefits


            TICKET TO WORK PROGRAM  (if requested)


            MEDICAID BUY-IN (if appropriate for the state)


Other Points.


    I ask the audience be limited to 75 or less. If the audience is more than 45 people, a lapel microphone will be required..


    I require a minimum of 90 days to schedule a sponsored workshop.  I try to avoid travel in the northern and snow-prone states between October 30th and March 15th due to weather conditions which could cancel the scheduled workshop. 


What is the Cost of a Sponsored Workshop?


    The cost of a sponsored workshop is dependent on when the workshop is conducted.  I prefer to schedule a sponsored workshop when I am scheduled to be in the area, as this significantly reduces travel costs, thus reducing the fee for the workshop.   The fee quoted is a flat fee, which includes traveling, lodging, meals, preparation costs, etc.  I do not submit bids when training is based on a competitive bid basis.


Full payment is expected at the completion of the workshop, unless otherwise agreed upon by both parties.


Okay, we're interesting in sponsoring a workshop.  What's next?


Contact us:   or call 610-696-1551.



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