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   June 15, 2011 Newsletter

          Questions I am Asked

          Thank you - Idaho, Maine, and Delaware

          Overpayments - Part 1 of a Series

          The SSI Savers Act of 2011 (H.R. 2103)

          NEW - ĒBenefits and Employment in 2011" Webinar


  March 8, 2011 Newsletter

          Questions I am Asked

          New National Demonstration Program Launched

          Legal definitions vary considerably.

          New Redbook

          Is Funding of Services Tight?

          New Webinar - Social Security and School-to-Work Transition

          Upcoming Workshops

          What Does It Take To Schedule A Workshop?


  January 25, 2011  Newsletter                                                                Yaquina Lighthouse, Newport, OR  

        Questions I am Asked

          State and Local Government Employees

          Whatís Is Social Securityís Future

          Final Rules Published on Dedicated Accounts and Installment Payments

          Social Security -- New Web Site Available for People with Disabilities

          Upcoming Workshops

          Webinars Available  


  December 15, 2010   Newsletter

             Bills to offset no COLA failed.

             SSI Threshold Amounts for 2011

             Area Work Incentive Coordinators

             Thank You, Nebraska

             Pre-publication Offer Continues                                                                    

             Get Away in January - Upcoming Workshops


  November 23, 2010  Newsletter

          EN Report Card

             Pre-publication Sale of Publications

             2011 Medicare Rates

             Thank you, South Dakota

             Compassionate Allowances

             Questions Iíve Received                             

             Upcoming Workshops

             Would You Like to Host a Workshop?


   October 18, 2010  Newsletter

            No Cost-Of-Living Adjustment for 2011

            SSA is preparing to initiate BOND - January 2010                                                                 

                  (Benefit Offset National Demonstration)

            Successful Launch of Internet-based Training

            Questions Iíve Received

            Upcoming Workshops


  September 9, 2010 Newsletter

          Solving Problems - Training 24/7

            Proposed Changes in Medical Criteria for Mental Disorders.

            Questions Iíve Received.           

            What Does It Take To Schedule A Workshop?




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