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Federal government


      1.  Social Security Administration - cover page

            a.  Program Operations Manual System   2016

            b.  Forms   2016

            c.  Publications   2016

            d.  Newsletter   2016

            e.  Listing of Impairments   2016

                   Part A   the medical criteria for adults

                   Part B   the medical criteria for children

            f.   Medical-Vocational Guidelines   2016

            g.  Consultative Examinations: A Guide For Health Professionals  2016

            h.  Social Security Handbook   2016

            i.   Ticket to Work Program  2016

                   SSA site

                   Program Manager - Maximus

                   Employment Networks - search by state

            j.   Work Incentives, Planning, and Assistance (WIPA) - search by state

            k.  Protection and Advocacy - (related to Ticket to Work Program)  search by statete


    2. Code of Federal Regulations - specific to the SSA programs -

                        part 404 is title II (SSDI) and part 416 is title XVI (SSI).


    3. Federal Register - access proposed and final regulations, and grant announcements.

            chose "advanced search", insert date range of your search, use search term (e.i. "Social Security")


   4. Substance Abuse, Mental Services Administration  (SAMHSA)

              National Mental Health Information Center


National Organizations

    The Arc of the US   (2015)
                 Links available to each state chapter


    National Association of Councils on Developmental Disabilities (2015)
                 Links available to each state developmental disabilities council


    1. Medicaid Buy-in Programs by state -

    2. The National Mental Health Association

    3. National Dissemination Center for Children with Disabilities - links to state agencies and organizations

    4. National Directory of Independent Living Center - links to state ILCs



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